【Member & Organization】



                  Professor             Takashi Matsuyama        

[Program-Specific Faculty Members]

      Program-Specific Associate Professor  Takekazu Kato 

     Program-Specific Assistant Professor  Takeshi Takai    

[Program-Specific Researcher]

                                                        Yang Lu            

[Joint Researchers]

      KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc.   Kinya Furukawa  

                       NISSIN DENSETU INC.  Chika Hayashida  

               NITTO DENKO CORPORATION  Tetsuya Takagi   

                                 Fujitsu Limited  Akinori Iwakawa    

■Member     Inquiries

             KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc.     

             NISSIN DENSETU INC.                      

               NITTO DENKO CORPORATION           

            Fujitsu Limited                                 

■About Associate Member

     We have a quasi-membership system in addition to the regular members.

     Associate member system is a system that you can only participate in

     the research and development on specific issues.

     If you would like to join as an associate member, please contact the course


     You will participate as associate members with the consent of all members.

     At that time, we will ask you to consider funds and personnel, etc..

     that will be necessary for the implementation of research and development issues

      to participation.

     Please contact here for details.



■Operating Structure

     In order to deliberate concerning the operation of joint research chair,

     we set up a joint research chair governing board.

     We hold R & D steering committee on a regular basis to conduct the discussion

     about the progress management, utilization and dissemination of research and


     results and to take appropriate measures so that we promote our research in the chair.